Managing Lifetime Risks

MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR INSURANCE PORTFOLIO WITH THE LIFETIME RISK ANALYSIS™: Few physicians are aware that the life, disability, long-term care and property/casualty insurance policies they purchased as recently as five years ago might be unnecessarily costly or lacking critical new benefits due to the availability of a new generation of insurance products.

When you purchased your policies, you may have made certain assumptions about policy charges, interest rates, planned premiums, and other issues. But life is constantly changing. The original reason for your purchase may still exist, yet your needs may have changed, requiring more or less coverage.

That’s why it’s so important to regularly review all of your personal and practice insurance coverage. A new family situation, a job change or sale of a practice, or a change in your financial status – any of these events plus many others – should trigger a re-evaluation. Do the insurance choices you made years ago still make sense today?

Hippocratic Financial Advisors’ Lifetime Risk Analysis™ is designed to objectively evaluate your current life, disability, long-term care and property/casualty insurance coverage to determine if your policy, carrier, performance and assumptions are still viable and in line with your goals and expectations. Through this process, we can help you discover whether more cost effective or enhanced coverage is available, or if your need for certain coverage is still viable.

At Hippocratic Financial Advisors, we believe that the best practice is to review your risk management position every year. The Lifetime Risk Analysis™ offers an excellent opportunity to make sure your insurance coverage fits your current needs.